Old Release Notes

onAirNow 1.5 (September 3rd, 2006): changes since version 1.4

  • Added a new <image> tag that takes the URL of an image and displays it above the song info. Also added the needed CSS.
  • Added the song length represented by the <time> tag. onAirNow understands both: time in seconds and the m:s format as song length. If a timeout is specified manually onAirNow first tries to read the song length and use it as timeout and then falls back to the user-set timeout.
  • changed <tracknumber> tag to <track>
  • changed <filename> tag to <file>
  • some code changes

onAirNow 1.4 (August 22nd, 2006): changes since version 1.3

  • If no artist and title info was found inside the pseudo XML of the track info file onAirNow now tries to get the information from the title, the filename and the whole track info file by matching the text against a user-defined pattern. Useful if your streamed music has a title like “Artist - Title (Album).mp3” or simply the ID3 tags are missing and the filename is uploaded. This function handles optional parts (e.g. album is not always given). See admin page for documentation (as always).
  • You can now set a timeout after which the track info is treated as outdated (onAirNow assumes you’re no longer listening to the song).
  • minor changes
  • Thanks to Dave for some ideas!

onAirNow 1.3 (never released): changes since version 1.2

  • Added tags for <year>, <tracknumber> and <filename> of your track. (Also changed the AppleScript to include year and track number.)
  • Added the ability to display the track number and album year. (New CSS added, too.)
  • minor code changes

onAirNow 1.2 (July 16th, 2006): changes since version 1.1

  • Changed the way the HTML is inserted. You need to add the content wrapping tags – <li></li> in most cases – to your theme’s file (e.g. sidebar.php) where you want the track info to appear. This is done to make this plugin more flexible.
  • Way better output configuration. See the options page. You can now set the heading and what is displayed before and after artist, title and track.
  • Added more div and span tags with IDs for you to style using CSS. Use display: block; to make a span behave almost like a div and display the album information on a new line. See onAirNow.css for more.

onAirNow 1.1 (never released): changes since version 1.0

  • Added a simple AppleScript to upload the track info file via FTP. It’s very handy when configured to execute it on the press of a key combination. This way you can control which track info is uploaded. See the script file for more information. DO NOT UPLOAD THE APPLESCRIPT TO YOUR BLOG! YOUR PASSWORD MAY BE PUBLICLY VIEWABLE!
  • Added currently playing song below admin user name and options to disable the display of song info on the WordPress Dashboard and below the user name.

onAirNow 1.0 (July 10th, 2006): initial release

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70 Responses to “onAirNow”

  1. billythekid says:

    Hi, thanks for the great plugin. I’ve integrated a plugin to my mIRC mp3 player to create and upload the file. This is just what the doctor ordered!

    Great stuff! Perfect!


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  7. synthpop says:

    great! recommended.

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  11. Ian Archambeau says:

    How to get this working with AMIP – really easy!

    Essentially follow this tutorial: http://amip.tools-for.net/oldhelp/web.htm

    DO NOT DOWNLOAD cURL with SSL!! This gave me a DLL error, just take a normal WIN 32 generic version.

    Then make your in.html (i renamed mine onAirNow.track.temp) look like so:

    then change in.html to onAirNow.track.

    Modify cUrl command accordingly and your off!

    Can be seen in action here: http://www.fieldjournal.co.uk

  12. Ian Archambeau says:

    Oh I should also add! Make all your irc presets contain the commands:
    /exec:(c:\amipweb\curl.exe)-B -T out.html -u : ftp:////

    i found that it kept jumping between them, despite random preset wasn’t selected!

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  15. Tony says:

    Really like this plugin. But I’m having a small problem. I’m getting information other than album info in the output.

    Example: ” « by (Album: / 1985) ”

    What should I edit and where exactly? Your help would be appreciated.

  16. (post author) Daniel Gattermann says:

    Please e-mail me directly with more details if you still have problems.

  17. Raul says:

    Hey man thank u for this awesome plugin! I had some problems but after a few hours I’m OK, is working :P Check it at my brand new website. By the way, I managed to make it work by using both dosomething plugin and AMIP. If anyone needs help setting up onAirNow on his/her blog, just let me know and I’ll try to help. Thing is Daniel that I wonder if there’s a way for the plugin to update the media being played in real time, displaying the time and all that?

  18. alec says:

    Love this plug in I had no trouble at all getting it to work. I wonder, though if there is a way to get it to check the file on a timer and update the widget with ajax, maybe. If you’ve tried this could you let me know?

  19. (post author) Daniel Gattermann says:

    Alec, onAirNow doesn’t support AJAX. The simple reason is I don’t think a visitor is interested in the changing of your currently playing song. Furthermore a visitor most likely won’t view the same page long enough to even encounter the change. This is why I won’t implement a “live refresh” on onAirNow.

  20. Abigail says:

    Just wanted to drop a note and say thank you. We’re implementing this on our site next week. So far we’ve had no problems!


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