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My updated GeoMapLookup — a website to geolocate a host, domain or IP address with Google Maps integration — now sports a newly created iPhone and iPod touch version which was chosen as for February 26th 2008.

GeoMapLookup is a web app to display information about the geographical location of your current IP address or any hostname or IP you enter. It provides a link to show the location using the native Maps application on your iPhone or iPod touch.

You can also visit GeoMapLookup on your Mac or PC to get a version with an integrated Google Map or from your iPhone or iPod touch to get the mobile version.

GeoMapLookup for iPhone at

To use GeoMapLookup point your mobile Safari (or standard desktop browser) to:
GeoMapLookup on

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8 Responses to “GeoMapLookup for iPhone is’s Staff Pick”

  1. Soa says:

    That might just be the greatest feature ever. Keep it up Apple

  2. Jeanette says:

    I heared a lot of bad thing about apple safari, but it seem they are improving. The geomap is realy usefull, I like it.

  3. Tampa Gas Scooters says:

    That little application is pretty cool I must say. I wonder if it could be used for lets say, nefarious purposes! Just wandering out loud!

  4. (post author) Daniel Gattermann says:

    Don’t worry! It’s too inaccurate :-)
    You’re lucky when the correct city is displayed.

  5. what is iphone says:

    I would have to agree with everyone that it is a GREAT tool and would love it on to use it. But uhh according to Daniel it isn’t that accurate =[. I’m going to get this for my iphone and test it on places i know and see if it is accurate I’ll get back at you guys. Thanks for the post now I can try a new tool and hopefully it works decently! (crosses fingers)

  6. Stefan says:

    GeoMap Rulez! :)
    Some bugs, but show me one prog that haven’t some…

  7. BobF4321 says:

    Bug with iPhone 3G 2.1: opening the map shows my location in the ocean south of Ghana. After doing some research I discovered that GeoMapLookup should be calling the Maps application with “loc:” in front of the coordinates.

  8. (post author) Daniel Gattermann says:

    Thanks for the info Bob! I’ve replaced the q= in the URL with ll= so Maps centers on the location. As the coordinates aren’t that accurate in the first place displaying the region seemed like the best choice.

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