About iCountr

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iCountr is an iPhone/iPod touch web app to count everything from the cups of coffee you had to the number of people attending a meeting.


iCountr is very easy to use: just tap to count! You can also count down by initially inserting a negative value using the edit mode!

Once in edit mode you can add (+), remove (×) counters and rename the counters. Value manipulation is also easy. Just enter a positive or negativ value in the appropriate field or decrease/increase it using – and + next to the value field.

Once you’re done editing save your changes and go back to the one-tap-counting!

iCountr is implemented using JavaScript and cookies to run completely local for speed purposes. Everything is stored on your iPhone or iPod touch!

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Using iCountr

To use iCountr point your mobile Safari to:
→ http://icountr.cinnamonthoughts.org/

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