Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-07-13 (Two Weeks)

  • It's almost 30°C now. Summer—not for me please! Craving for some clouds ☁ #
  • Loving how Mac OS X just selects the filename before the last dot on renaming. Makes renaming files almost fun. #
  • I'm still using Name Mangler (http://bit.ly/X1Oq5) for batch renaming. RegEx (http://bit.ly/RegEx) are just too effective. #thejoyofrenaming #
  • Dear @birdfeedapp, please sell your speech bubbles to Apple to replace the ugly ones in the Messages app. Thanks. #
  • Wondering what I should do at http://isne.at — something neat I guess. (isne.at will be deactivated) #
  • Doing some coding for http://isne.at (isne.at will be deactivated) #
  • Still waiting for my iPhone 3GS to ship. Paid a ransom of 300€ to end my T-Mobile contract early. Will get the money back by selling my 3G. #
  • Nice! — "This belongs in the pantheon of all-time greatest Mac OS X hints: http://twitter.com/robotspacer/status/2518146079" (@chockenberry) in reply to chockenberry #
  • Almost finished the design (HTML and CSS) for a certain website. #
  • "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday!" #1stdraftmovielines #

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