Weekly Twitter Updates for 2012-09-23

  • Delivery van delivery van! Driving by… Dammit. #
  • And another van driving by. It’s like I’m being rickrolled by delivery guys. #
  • Now UPS… at least I know they don’t have anything for me today. #
  • I’ve never seen so many delivery vans driving by. I’m not even standing at the window! Pure coincidence. #iWorldProblem #
  • Aaaaand… it’s an Amazon order. #
  • Finally! :) #
  • Those EarPods sound way better than the old Apple headphones. Still no match for real headphones. #
  • Can’t sleep so I’m reporting iOS 6 Maps problems. This time the 3D view of the heart shaped island next to Bora Bora. http://t.co/BIOgrHYZ #

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