What iTunes 7 is Missing From CoverFlow

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As you may know introduced the so-called Cover Flow view which lets you flip through your album covers as you would do with your CD collection. If you find this familiar you are right: Apple bought the rights from the Author of CoverFlow (notice the missing blank in the name).

So what’s wrong with iTunes’ implementation?
The original CoverFlow had options to hide albums with a blank title and albums with less than X song and a duration below Y minutes. You could also add more custom filters. iTunes on the other hand displays one cover for every song that doesn’t have the album tag filled out. And this multiple times per artist. Quite annoying!

It seems like Apple didn’t care for these options (that mad CoverFlow much better) as much as I (and some people on Apple’s ) did and dropped them. A pity.
Apple: please add these features to iTunes’ Cover Flow!

See a screenshot of the original CoverFlow’s preferences after the jump.

Screenshot of CoverFlow‘s “missing” preferences to make it clearer what I was talking about:

CoverFlow Preferences

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2 Responses to “What iTunes 7 is Missing From CoverFlow”

  1. lausse says:

    I agree very much here. And one more thing – it would be nice if we could import the album art from CoverFlow to iTunes automatic. I have a lot of unreleased music that will never appear at iTunes Store, and I dont want to drag each albumart to iTunes again…

  2. Endora says:

    Couldn’t agree more! Thanks for the great article. Now, hopefully Apple will listen! An option for the track name at the very least would be nice.

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