Optical Illusion’s Effect Lasts Overnight

McCollough Effect Black and White Grid

I didn’t believe this optical illusion’s effects would really last overnight but they do! First take a look at this grid. It clearly consists of black and white lines. Keep this in mind!

To experience the so called McCollough Effect you now need to stare at two squares consisting of black and colored lines for several minutes (take a break in between, you can continue later but be sure you’ve stared several minutes in total).

McCollough Effect Black and White Grid

The site — which also features links to several other interesting illusions — continues the instructions:

If you look at the black-and-white grid again, you should notice a green haze around the horizontal lines, and a magenta haze around the vertical lines. The intensity of this effect varies between individuals. If you don’t see this, go gaze at the colored grids for a while longer.

Be sure to also take a look at this popular Colorful Optical Illusion!

(The images in this post are for illustration purposes only. They work for me but may be to small to work for you.)

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