Apple: They Keep Innovating

MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo iSight indicator switched offMacBook Pro Core 2 Duo iSight indicator switched on

With the introduction of the line in early 2006 Apple added the innovative magnetic power cord. Alongside the upgrade to Intel’s Core 2 Duo came another tiny little — though fantastic — feature overlooked at first sight: the invisible iSight indicator.1

While the integrated iSight is recording a small green LED lights up to the right of the camera lens. The first MacBook Pros had a small hole in the bezel for this purpose which is missing in the late October 2006 models. Instead it looks like the LED is shining through the aluminum and it disappears completely when iSight is off.

It’s these small thoughtful things that make Apple hardware and software so great. Other companies wouldn’t care to fix something that isn’t broken but Apple keeps making their products better. Even if most people won’t notice.

  1. Photos by Nobi
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