deUncategorize 1.1a: Firefox Bugfix

The purpose of deUncategorize is to deselect the default category set under Options — Writing (Uncategorized per default) if any other category is selected while writing or editing a post on your WordPress blog.

The 1.1a release contains only one bugfix to make this plugin Firefox compatible again.

deUncategorize 1.1a (November 1st, 2006): changes since version 1.1

  • The plugin now deselects the default category onclick and no longer onmouseup so that the plugin works with Firefox again. (Note to self: always test different browsers/scenarios as you do at work.)

See the dedicated deUncategorize page for more information »

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4 Responses to “deUncategorize 1.1a: Firefox Bugfix”

  1. guan says:

    How the hell am i supposed to download the plugin ?

  2. (post author) Daniel says:

    Just click on one of the two links to or use the link in the pages menu.

  3. Gideon Melle says:

    Hi, I have downloaded your plugin. It works like a charm with Firefox but unfortunate not with IE5+. I like at the code en indeed the setAttribute stuff is oknown to not work with IE5+. Probably you are not a IE-user, but it would be nice to get it to work also with this browser. I searched a bit and stumbled upon this function:

    function eventAdder(objAttrib,handler,addFunction){

    if ((!document.all)&&(document.getElementById)){
    //workaround for IE 5.x
    if ((document.all)&&(document.getElementById)){
    objAttrib[handler]=new Function(addFunction);

    Could you use it?

    Then i saw that you use an operator !== in this line:

    if ($uncategorizedCategoryInternalName !== '')

    Is that on purpose or a typo? I never came across this! Also
    the phrase: if (document.getElementById(\'' + + '\').checked == true) seems to me the same as: if (document.getElementById(\'' + + '\').checked)

    Greetings, Gideon van Melle

  4. (post author) Daniel says:

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