Some Planets and Stars Compared in Size

This is a follow-up to my previous post Even Our Sun is Tiny but this time a video (via digg) shows you how small we really are and which monstrously large objects are “floating” around in our galaxy.

A size comparison1 of the Sun to VV Cephei A (the supergiant of the binary star system VV Cephei) can be found at Wikipedia. VV Cephei A is 1600-1900 times the size of the Sun and 275,000-575,000 times as luminous.

Distance between Earth and Sun: 149,597,870 km2
Max. diameter of VV Cephei A: 2,645,750,000 km3

If you imagine the Sun as a one millimeter dot, VV Cephei A is nearly two meters in diameter.
Earth imagined as a one millimeter dot makes VV Cephei A 207 meters in diameter!

Even more interesting facts.

  1. alternate link; SVG format
  2. 149,598,000 km is one astronomical unit
  3. The video states a different size for VV Cephei (which actually is the name of a binary star system). The above value is the best I could calculate for VV Cephei A.
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One Response to “Some Planets and Stars Compared in Size”

  1. A Genaille says:

    Nice to know that VV Cephei is that huge and an atom is so small. Imagine if an atom were VV Cephei’s size and that there are monstrously larger pieces of matter that our universe makes up. Unlimited posibilities are all around! Just wait until they find someting a thousand times larger than VV Cephei. New theories are always popping up on an astronomical scale.

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