“Get Album Artwork” That Doesn’t Load in iTunes

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In expectation of the iPhone and its mode and to celebrate the new fullscreen Cover Flow introduced in the latest 7.1 update of iTunes I was removing those crappy thumbnail size album covers from my iTunes library and using Get Album Artwork to download the covers directly from the iTunes Store.

At Out Of Season by Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man my clicking came to a sudden stop. No artwork was found. Checking the iTunes Store revealed there indeed was the matching cover artwork and also the artist and album name were the same as in in my library (and on my real-life CD shelf).

The solution was to remove the “ & Rustin Man” part from the artist’s name. Apparently iTunes and/or the store treat the ampersand as a special character and truncate the artist beginning with this character.

Whatever the reason is I was able to reproduce this behavior with two different albums and again only leaving the part before “ &” in the artist field solved the problem. Using cut before and paste after Get Album Artwork speeds up the process. Hopefully Apple fixes this annoying bug.

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