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Found via digg because of its 3D menu Screenvader‘s flash-based site had a lot more to offer: Interactive graphics and random audiovisual animations using vector graphics, images and short video sequences of Looping Housewife’s Duties. If you thought The Ring‘s video sequence was scary take a look at Easy to Open; fullscreen, in the dark, loud.

Those animations are part of the website. For you download pleasure I urge you to download Variasound (left part of the site, first line, item on the left; Mac and Windows). It’s a truly amazing … well, thingy. This post’s title says everything. Hard to describe, fun to use.

Variasound in Action

Variasound looks great, has four different color and sound themes and lets you interact with many great samples and loops. The author describes Variasound as follows:

This application composes [...] evolving music and proposes various combinations. With the keyboard the user can participate [...]

Saving you a few minutes of figuring how it works, here is a list of the keyboard controls:

  • Space stops all playing samples and loops (fades them out) and changes the theme.
  • 0 activates the random mode which starts and stops different loops every few seconds. Useful to create background music.
  • 1 to 8 start and stop the loops for Rythmiques, Instruments, Ambiances and Nappes.
  • 9 inverts your loop selection.
  • A to Z play 26 different samples on demand.

When you’ve finished playing around with the different themes and loops just turn on the random mode (0) and try to find matching samples to the randomly created music. Also nice is to synchronize turning loops (especially Rythmiques) on and off to your randomly inserted A to Z samples.

Enjoy your “homemade” chill out sounds. Be the DJ you’ve never been! ;-)

Go to Screenvader’s site to download Variasound.

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