Wide Mail Keyboard Improvements

Wide Mail Keyboard now features an improved interface and auto saves your text to a cookie every second (in case Safari crashes or you hit the home button).

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3 Responses to “Wide Mail Keyboard Improvements”

  1. Dean says:

    Fantastic app, love it. One of my biggest issues with the iphone is not being able to write emails in the wide format, your web app totally fixes this issue.

    I found your app about a week ago and it has been a amazing problem solver for me.

    Just posted a review on our site.


  2. Manuel Schuh says:

    I love this app. Its a good idea to ensure your texts. The next step should be to make it available offline. Do you think of an AppStore version? I’m looking forward.
    I have an Developer Account. It’s payed but unused. When you want to save the activating money, you can use it. Feel free to contact me…

  3. (post author) Daniel Gattermann says:

    Thanks for the offer but I’ll get my own dev account when I have a native iPhone app ready.

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