Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-03-01

These are my first Twitter Updates after joining

  • 1Password and the yesterday-released Safari 4.0 beta are now happy together: http://tinyurl.com/apvf65
  • Fantastic looking, wooden sculpture wrapping iPhone game: Zen Bound; http://tinyurl.com/zenbound
  • Why are strange people following me on Twitter?
  • Safari140 – Twitter extension for Safari with auto-shorten for long URLs and a great shortcut: ^T (http://is.gd/jfg5)
  • Apple’s new CSS animated Safari 4 intro looks great on the iPhone – almost flash-like: http://bit.ly/13ohLH
  • Alpha test of http://outer-empires.com/ is near: http://is.gd/l0hr – iPhone & browser game by the Kingdom Game (http://bit.ly/kingg) creator
  • I’m keeping @ as my iPhone Twitter client. It’s just great! http://bit.ly/tweetieweb
  • I love our coffee maker and couldn’t live without it: WMF 1000pro (http://tr.im/wmfpro)
  • MobileMe is finally pushing to the Mac. Now I have to get a router with UPnP or NAT-PMP support. http://is.gd/l8ch
  • Thought of the same for @ API; hope it’s coming; really like my NetNewsWire read status sync between Mac & iPhone – http://is.gd/l9YP
  • Working on a rainy Saturday morning… There ought to be better things on weekends. At least we’ve got free coffee.
  • Decided to use @ and Safari140 (@) on my Mac. I like @ better on my iPhone though.
  • ddɐ ʍǝu ʎɯ ƃuᴉʇsǝʇ – seems to work! Find this text rotating iPhone web app at http://invertr.cinnamonthoughts.org (It even sends to Twitter)

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