GeoMapLookup Moved to

GeoMapLookup is a great service capable of geolocating your current IP address or any hostname or IP you enter. The large map with further information about the host comes in handy when you need to know where that blog visitor lives.

Visiting GeoMapLookup from your iPhone or iPod touch gives you an optimized version of the site which uses the native Maps application on your device.

To celebrate over two years of GeoMapLookup it finally moved to its own domain:


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2 Responses to “GeoMapLookup Moved to”

  1. Ayeye says:

    Hi Daniel,
    it’s a great work, very useful! I wonder if it’s possible to
    use your service as en API. For example requesting
    with ? and retrieving and XML with the

    good work, greatings

  2. (post author) Daniel Gattermann says:

    Ayeye, I’m currently not planning on implementing such a feature. You can get the DB and sample code from, though.

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