Show “Tweetie for Mac” Using F-Keys

Tweetie for Mac icon

Today Tweetie for Mac was released and like any other Mac user on Twitter I had to try it on its first day.

I like to assign Twitter clients to all of my six Spaces (Mac OS X’s virtual desktops) and toggle the window using the F5 key. Tweetie for Mac didn’t allow this (bug?):

Tweetie for Mac Error

Of course the tested F-keys weren’t used without a modifier. To trick Tweetie into accepting a F-key without a modifier follow these steps:

  1. Quit Tweetie for Mac
  2. Locate the file com.atebits.tweetie-mac.plist in ~/Library/Preferences/ (“~” is your home directory)
  3. Open the plist using Property List (part of the Xcode SDK) or another plist editor
  4. Change the value for ShowHideTweetieHotkey_mods to 8388608 which basically means: no modifier
  5. Hope this bug will be fixed soon

Enjoy your new toggle freedom!

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