Star Trek vs. Real Science

The of even numbered Star Trek movies being great and odd ones being crap was disrupted after Nemesis and is officially reversed with the 11th iteration simply named Star Trek.

A large portion of all Star Trek films and TV shows was about science and galactic phenomenons the viewer just had to accept because science can’t explain them or they simply weren’t possible (yet?). So how is the new Star Trek movie holding up? Phil Plait — an astronomer, lecturer, and author who worked on the Hubble Space Telescope for ten years — took a look at the science in Star Trek XI.

I am here to review the science of the movie. I won’t worry about warp drive, transporter tech, or time travel; I’ll concentrate on the real stuff. And never fear: I am not going to reveal the overall plot here. I avoided as many spoilers as I could [...] While I won’t reveal the plot, I have to reveal some details to write a review.

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