Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-06-01 to 2009-06-15

  • Still waiting for cold fusion to cure all our energy problems. Come on already! http://bit.ly/9WnXa • We’ll walk on Mars first I guess…
  • My name is heading to Mars in 2011. Thanks @MarsScienceLab! http://bit.ly/yTtxQ
  • Moving around sleepless on my sheets makes little sparks fly through the dark. That excites the child & geek in me. I’m wide awake #
  • I’m so spoiled by Apple’s Bonjour I forgot to look up our new color laser printer’s (LBP5050n) default IP before getting rid off the manual.
  • All for one — me! http://bit.ly/JfM8A
  • Good news for Textmate users: it's not dead and V2 development is coming along. http://bit.ly/vJEgd

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