Delay Marking a Mail as Read in

It always bugged me that whenever I’m deleting an e-mail in Apple’s mail client another mail is selected and subsequently marked as read. Cmd + Shift + U became a good friend of mine. (It marks a mail as unread.)

TurePreview is a lightweight plugin which gives you all the time you need to change the selected mail and thus prevent a mail from being marked as read. This is very handy if you keep unread mails as a have-to-reply reminder in your inbox. (This is the opposite of GTD—I know and I do it just for mails I have to reply to.)

TurePreview can set a general delay or delays on a per account basis. Whatever floats your boat.

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2 Responses to “Delay Marking a Mail as Read in”

  1. Ricky Waters says:

    Hey, how do you uninstall True Preview? As you probably know, it doesn’t work with the latest version of Mac Mail.


  2. (post author) Daniel M. Gattermann says:

    Take a look at

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