Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-09-07

  • Arctic creatures: http://news.bbc.co.uk/earth/hi/earth_news/newsid_8231000/8231553.stm
  • Installed Snow Leopard two days ago and almost all apps are compatible (again). iStat menus 2.0 () also works.
  • No Canon, you are wrong! http://embr.it/canonfail
  • The PS3 slim is less hot while running and a bit quieter. It also sounds more pleasant than the old model. Overall a good upgrade.
  • Up early today for no good reason. At work in a few minutes. Only positive thing: a chance of starting the weekend early, too! #
  • Should be the default on Snow Leopard: «defaults write com.apple.QuickTimePlayerX MGPlayMovieOnOpen 1»
  • Snow Leopard: setting my late 2008 MBP to wake on LAN + putting it to sleep + starting Apple's iTunes remote for iPhone = MBP wakes up!
  • Dear PS3 VidZone: don't force me to confirm that you've added a video to a playlist. Also: selecting New Playlist by default isn't helping.
  • Let operation MacBook Pro hard drive upgrade commence! First: cloning the current 5400rpm drive to the new 7200rpm one.
  • Hard drive cloned after 3hrs and booted from new drive via USB. Now switching drives: http://twitpic.com/gk2fn
  • The 7200rpm drive makes my MacBook Pro vibrate slightly. Now benchmarking and deciding whether the speed increase justifies the vibrations.
  • Copying is 20% faster, apps launch only 1 or 2 secs faster with 7200rpm drive. No vibration is more important, though: 5400rpm drive stays.

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