Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-09-21

  • Freaky animals: http://www.wired.com/geekdad/2009/09/when-nature-is-freakier-than-sci- fi/
  • Hooray! — Via @nnw_iPhone: Uploaded NetNewsWire to the App Store. Could be three days, could be three weeks — or anywhere in between.
  • 24" fullscreen iPhone app browsing using Cover Flow in iTunes 9. Because I can. http://embr.it/appflow
  • My iPhone 3GS battery drops 1% per minute. Airplane mode doesn't change this. Started after 3.1 update. Many others have the same problem.
  • iPhone 3GS Battery: 80% to 50% in 28 Minutes — http://embr.it/iphoneos31battery
  • Restoring my iPhone 3GS as a new phone. Will see if this fixes the 1% less battery per minute bug/defect. If not: time to have it exchanged.
  • 5 minutes and 5% less battery charge after the restore I give up.
  • T-Mobile didn't have exchange iPhones so I'm restoring again. This time from my backup. Should no battery wonder happen, I'll call Apple.
  • After the 2nd iPhone restore (as new & from backup) the battery life seems to have improved. Still suspicious… http://embr.it/betterlife
  • New feature of the iPhone OS 3.0 Maps app? Missing tiles don't just appear once loaded, they fade in. Looks nice.
  • iPhone shut down w/ 2% battery. Plugged it in, jumped to 7% instantly. Unplugged with 10% charge. Now trying to kill it for 42 min w/ games.
  • JavaScript raytracing. Take a look at the source. No longer than 3.3 tweets! http://users.tkk.fi/~jjsalon2/reddit/raytrace.html
  • Updated the geolocation DB of http://geomaplookup.net/ after a long time. Good thing "The Hit List" () has repeat tasks…

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