Don’t Steal My Content

While moderating (mostly spam) comments on this blog ( today, I came across a pingback that looked a bit strange so I followed the link and discovered this:

The blog reposted several of my posts including the one on Reeder and my latest Emojinator update without linking to my blog or giving credit. It looks like they are the original authors of those posts. There’s also reposted content from other websites.

So this blog is stealing content and pinging the original blog (this is how I discovered them) and the best thing: the images are hotlinked. The stolen blog posts on their sever still point to the images on my server. This was a great opportunity to fiddle in my .htaccess a bit:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} ^http://(.*\.)?HOTLINKINGDOMAIN\.com
RewriteRule [^(hotlink)]\.(jpg|jpeg|png|gif)$ wp-content/misc/hotlink.png [NC,R,L]

With this lines added to the .htaccess file in my blog’s root directory I’m redirecting every included image which is viewed through one of the stolen posts to this image.

I’m curious to see whether this post will be stolen, too. Good thing the images will clearly state where the post is from.

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