Twitter Updates for 2010-01-25 through 2010-02-14

  • Apple's Tim Cook asked about new markets for them: "I don't want to take away your joy in the surprise on Wednesday." /via
  • On the go during Apple's tablet event? I've updated my keynote web app with more links to iPhone friendly live coverage:
  • My mandatory iPad tweet 1/3: Awful name. «Canvas» would've been far better.
  • My mandatory iPad tweet 2/3: Will buy a 16GB one (I guess). That's plenty. iPhone is for music, iPad for reading @ and news feeds.
  • My mandatory iPad tweet 3/3: I'd be very puzzled if we don't see optimized C&C, Settlers, etc. soon. «iPad, made for strategy games.»™
  • My iPhone runs 5 to 6 hours on one full charge again. Up from 1 to 3 a few months ago. Didn't change anything. Now installing the new OS.
  • "Coffee" must never be followed by a questionmark. Ever.

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