Weekly Twitter Updates for 2010-05-27 though 2010-06-07

  • Hey TNT, I'm home—where are you?
  • I've got iPad. Yay!
  • Syncing… Damn you entertaining content!
  • My iPhone suddenly feels tiny, light and cheap. Thanks for confusing my senses, iPad.
  • iPad is just great. Enjoying @ (fantastic iPad beta), @instapaper, @twitterrific, iBooks & Mirror's Edge.
  • Amazon.de charges for packaging below 20€. They didn't for my order of 19,90€. Thanks @amazon!
  • You can select several photos on the iPad by touching & holding one until the selection mark appears, then move your finger to select more.
  • Ollie (@) — connecting blue and grey iPad icons since 2010. http://embr.it/BTc
  • Good news for iPad owning Google Reader users: "Just submitted Reeder for iPad (via @)"
  • I'll collect links to live coverage of Monday's keynote on http://next.cinnamonthoughts.org. The web app links to mobile sites from iPhone.
  • Wanna play a game of @CarcassonneApp? Invite me or tell me your mail address via DM.
  • This is just wrong: "Just got notified that the review process will require additional time..". /via @
  • 28°C and the train will be 30 minutes late. My favorite thing on a Sunday!

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