Weekly Twitter Updates for 2010-08-15

  • Just called T-Mobile Germany after waiting almost 6 weeks for my iPhone 4 32GB. They are working overtime to handle iPhone 4 related calls…
  • Starting tomorrow http://t-mobile.de/iphone will have detailed info on the availability of iPhones 4. How detailed the hotline didn't know.
  • iPhone 4 availability at T-Mobile (Telekom) Germany: http://www.t-mobile.de/T-D1/cds/td1_cds_popup/1,1132,160039-1-,00.html
    #6plus3wochen #
  • "HP Tells Employees WebOS Tablet Coming Q1 2011" http://j.mp/9yvEex
    Hurry! We Need some competition to keep (even) Apple innovating.
  • Apple's Magic Trackpad is nice. Somehow it feels wrong to have a trackpad outside a notebook, though.
  • Setting up @ cloud sync: http://help.agile.ws/1Password3/cloud_syncing_with_dropbox.html. I'd like to have MobileMe sync on iOS. Don't want to use Dropbox just for this.
  • Finding a page on your own blog when googling something is a rather strange experience.

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