Weekly Twitter Updates for 2011-02-20 (two months)

  • Scanning DVDs into Delicious Library (@deliciousmonstr) from the living room. iWebcamera (@drahtwerk) on iPhone & LiveView on iPad to check.
  • Nobody who has ever bought expensive Starbucks coffee is allowed to complain about a $5 app that entertains for more than ten minutes.
  • AirView – a free AirPlay (iTunes streaming) client for iPhone and iPad – is available on the app store: http://itun.es/iFP8bc
  • My first native iOS app is almost finished. Almost as in: 80% of the work took 20% of the time. #
  • Tron Legacy = good(SFX + music) in 3D
  • What's the best iOS SSH client? Bonus points for universal apps (iPad and iPhone). iSSH looks good:

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