Weekly Twitter Updates for 2011-06-12

  • Delta updates in Lion's Mac App Store. About time. Hopefully coming to iOS as well. #
  • The new Mail in Lion looks good, I'm just not sure I want to use Mail like that on my Mac. It looks like an iPad app.
  • Lion, $29, July, only available on the Mac App Store. Wow.
  • Notification Center: iOS notifications done right. That's everything I wanted from iOS 5. Going to bed now. #
  • Twitter integration in iOS: accounts setup in Settings.app for every installed Twitter app. Tweet from Photos, Maps, Safari. #
  • iOS 5: Todo lists (location aware reminders), Instapaper clone in Safari, photo editing. A lot of developers must be unhappy now. #
  • iOS delta updates over the air. Finally. #
  • Messaging between iOS 5 devices. Pushed to iPad, iPhone, iPod. I hear carriers crying. #
  • iCloud: Syncs everything MobileMe syncs. me.com address. Free! MobileMe is no more. #
  • App purchases pushed to all your iOS devices. Automatic backups over WiFi to iCloud (settings, app data). Documents are auto synced.
  • Music you've ripped can be synced (cable/WiFi) or pay $25/year to get your songs DRM free songs in the cloud. #
  • The fantastic Google Reader client for Mac @ is now available on the Mac App Store for just $10/8€.
  • Hey @, when I click on a picture in a story, I want to go the the site or product you're writing about, NOT the page I'm already on!
  • Found an old mail from EMI telling me MP3 players were invented to play pirated music. I complained I couldn't rip a Radiohead CD 8 yrs ago.
  • Create @ tasks from Safari on Mac, iPhone and iPad:

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