Printing from iOS (to a PDF) using Mountain Lion

In the past I’ve written about using AirPrint on iOS to print to a PDF or a printer connected to your Mac. The process of setting it up was quite a bit of manual work, so I’ve updated the instructions when an alternative became available.

After upgrading to Mountain Lion the printer sharing stopped working and I had to look for an alternative (again). Two easy ways to print and create PDFs from iOS are

In the past I’ve used AirPrint Activator, but have now switched to Printopia for the simple reason that I own a license from MacUpdate Promo. Both tools have a demo so try them for yourself.

3 Responses to “Printing from iOS (to a PDF) using Mountain Lion”

  1. Flori Cluj says:

    Great volume of work put in this article. I was looking for some material to work with about this for a presentation that i need to do next week, so my question is ok to use some info and put the blog as the source ? Thanks a lot, Flori

  2. (post author) Daniel M. Gattermann says:


    As long as you give me credit and link to the post (if you put your presentation online) it’s fine.
    Glad I could help.

  3. Flori Cluj says:

    It’a a offline presentation, but anyway i always like to ask :) The blog will be included as reference to any page from the presentation that includes info from this domain. Thanks a lot. Have a nice day, Flori

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