Internet Users Really Don’t Care About the Looks

The average internet user wants information or entertainment. As long as he get what he wants it’s OK. If Google didn’t find what he was looking for he doesn’t care about your website at all.

This is why I think 99% of the internet users don’t care how a site looks. They are too overwhelmed by ads, links and information in general to care if the site’s menu is clean and structured or the drop shadow of your

tag is pretty.

99% of the internet users don’t know that changing something dynamically on a website without reloading is done by AJAX and cool because there are different technologies involved. (Take a look at my Archives to see AJAX in action.)

99% of the internet users don’t have a clue why 1% awaits the day the Internet Explorer supports alpha transparency in PNGs.

And that’s OK. They don’t have to know.

(originally posted in parts on “The MySpace Problem“)

tags: , MySpace problem, Web 2.0, web standards

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