onAirNow 1.2 Released

onAirNow 1.2: new options page

onAirNow 1.2 is released today. It is a simple WordPress plugin for displaying information about your currently playing song with many enhancements over version 1.0. The highlight is the reworked options page and the removal of the output template. Take a look at the screenshot and read the release notes:

onAirNow 1.2 (July 16th, 2006): changes since version 1.1

  • Changed the way the HTML is inserted. You need to add the content wrapping tags –
  • in most cases – to your theme’s file (e.g. sidebar.php) where you want the track info to appear. This is done to make this plugin more flexible.
  • Way better output configuration. See the options page. You can now set the heading and what is displayed before and after artist, title and track.
  • Added more div and span tags with IDs for you to style using CSS. Use display: block; to make a span behave almost like a div and display the album information on a new line. See onAirNow.css for more.

onAirNow 1.1 (never released): changes since version 1.0

  • Added a simple AppleScript to upload the track info file via FTP. It’s very handy when configured to execute it on the press of a key combination. This way you can control which track info is uploaded. See the script file for more information. DO NOT UPLOAD THE APPLESCRIPT TO YOUR BLOG! YOUR PASSWORD MAY BE PUBLICLY VIEWABLE!
  • Added currently playing song below admin user name and options to disable the display of song info on the WordPress Dashboard and below the user name.

See the dedicated onAirNow page for more information »

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